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Surgical Blade

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All the popular Sizes are available in botha carbon or stainless steel sterile

Blade shapes #9 to 17 are used in histology units and all compatible with the associated #3handles(Blade shape 11 can be also used for gardening with a plastic or metal handle).

Blade shapes #18 to 36,#60 and #70 are used for major invasive procedures and are all compatible with the associated #4 handles

Sterilization: Gamma

Packing: 1pcs/sealed Aluminium foil bag, 100pcs/box, 5000pcs/ctn


Blade size 10-17 are mainly for Histology and compatible with No.3 handles; size18-36 are used for invasive procedures and compatible with No.4 handles. All the above-mentioned sizes are available in Carbon or Stainless and warped in foil.

Intended Use:

Surgical knife blade to summarize the operative knife is mainly used for surgical cutting skin, austenitic stainless steel plate by stamping, mouth grinding, polishing and other processes.


Our disposable sterile surgical blade production process have good quality assurance system and superior environment purification, the product of radiation sterilization, hot pressing packing guarantee 5 years within the period of validity of performance requirements in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding standard.

Use And precautions:

A. The surgical blade must be used by a professional nurse.

B. Root Zelkowa acuminata patient operation requirements, choose the proper types of surgical blade. After opening the packing box disposable surgical blades, remove the small packaging tearing the plastic bag. Remove the knife blade can be used.

Matters Needing Attention:

A. Disposable sterile surgical blade after unsealing can be used, but no repetition use, to prevent cross infection.

B. Packaging damaged it is strictly prohibited to use.

C. disposable sterile surgical blade is valid for a period of 5 years, over a period it is strictly prohibited to use.

D. disposable sterile surgical blade storage of temperature is less than or equal to 40 degrees C, humidity is less than or equal to 80, non  corrosive gases in a well ventilated indoor.



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