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Blood Transfusion Tube Set

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This is closure-piercing device which can be penetrated the closure of a container for blood and blood components. It is made of medical grade ABS, so no coring will occur during that procedure.

The red part is air inlet with air filter inside. This air inlet helps to keep the blood or blood components dropping down while the air filter helps to prevent the ingress of microorganisms into the container.

Drip chamber has one filter for blood and blood components inside. Like infusion set, the drip chamber shall permit continuous observation of the fall of drops. There is a fluid filter inside the drip chamber of infusion set, but the filter in transfusion set is totally different from that. This filter has uniform pores, covering a total area of not less than 10 cm², whose retention of solid material can be more than 80%. The transparent PVC tubing which from the distal end to the drip chamber is not less than 1.5m.

This part is flow regulator who has two kind of materials ABS and PE. The former one is harder while the latter one is softer.

Injection site is optional. The part connects injection site and needle is luer slip which can be replaced with luer lock, male conical fitting. The needle and its protective cap are optional.



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