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About Us

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About Us

Zibo Eastmed Healthcare Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company in disposable medical device area and devotes itself to researching, exploiting and manufacturing an extensive range of medical devices and healthcare prodcuts such as: disposable syringes and needles, disposable infusion sets and blood transfusion sets, gloves, airway management, feeding and drainage tubes, IV therapy and vascular access products, wound care products, products for urology, nonwoven products and surgical products. Accuracy, professionalism, efficiency are exactly what you can expect from us.

As evidence of our efforts, our facilities, have obtained ISO13485 certification and our products have received CE0197 certification. It allows our medical goods to meet standards approved all over the world: South Asia, Middle East, Europe, South and Central America as well as Africa. We deliver the highest quality service and products with professionalism, knowledge and personal attention. We are always upgrading the product design and quality using advanced manufacturing technologies to satify your demands. Each member of our company works passionately to fulfill our mission. We are doing our best to bulid the close relationship with both clients and distributors to provide the most suitable medical products for people around the world. We are looking forward to developing long-term strategic relationships with you!


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