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  Uringe bags  

NAME:CE&ISO Approved Cross Valve Luxury Urine Bag with Slide Clamp& Air Inlet Filter



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Product Name: Luxury Urine Bag

Product Size: 2000ML
Specifications of luxury urine bag:

1. With multi-layered nonpoisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials. 

 Description of luxury urine bag:

1. Film width 280mm, thickness 0.3mm

2. With anti-reflux valve (prevention of ascending infections)

 3. Urine bag holder with double hanger and hook

4. With double-part drip chamber with filter

5. Star tube O. D. 10.2mm, length 120cm with sheet clamp

6. Cross valve for easy, one-hand drainage

7. Two bag shapes available: Round or Square

 8. Sterile by EO, single use